Available Positions

Shades of Immortality has several positions open for staff, and player-held leader positions. This page will list the currently available positions. Apply for any of these by contacting an admin.

As a reminder, all leadership positions require a time commitment of at least 5 hours on-sim per week. This goes up to 10 hours for faction leads and mentors.

As a business owner, you get certain liberties to redecorate your business with admin approval.


  • Shades of Immortality is currently hiring Mentors.
  • Admin positions can not be applied for, the admin team will offer this position up to members it seems fit from time to time.


  • Stillwell is looking for a mayor.


  • All guilds are currently being led.


  • All 6 market stalls are available for player-owned stores.
  • Silver Flower Inn in the forest is open for a new owner.
  • The Dock Warehouse needs a manager.
  • Most other shops are open for application.


See the faction pages for which factions are currently looking for a leader.