The Pact

Within the maelstrom lay many gods, whom all control their part within the grand scheme of things. One of which is responsible for fertility. This god saw unbalance across many realms of many worlds among the cosmos. So they made a pact to assist in balancing their tides. By using the maelstrom as a focal point this god created a crystal catalyst responsible for collecting eligible souls for rebirth as her new champions of the pact.

This is called the Soul crystal which is responsible for the creation of kitsunes as it finds eligible souls within the Maelstrom. Kitsunes that die are stored and later recycled back into the fold, but usually never as the same kitsune.

The soul crystal is a spiritual world construct that resides within the maelstrom. It is a large diamond shape crystal stretching out to form a north and south pole. A large purplish energy storm cloud surrounds the structure making it look like a orb within the maelstrom.

The cloud itself is spirit based and able to house smaller spiritual realms within its area of influence. These are where all ascended Kitsunes build their personal planes of existance and in turn store the vast collections of energy.


Kitsunes at their most basic are spirits that possess foxes. Until the existence of their second tail and the formation of the starball they are merely a fox that feels misplaced. This is referred to as the awakening, and it is when they knew they were different and gain access to their most basic powers. They are able to gain up to nine tails as the gather their power, by stealing it or by making contracts and deals of protection or knowledge, whatever suits the specific kitsune's fancy at that time. Kitsune serve to balance the cosmos by them enacting mother nature's will by shaking the status quo back to the middle point. A kitsune generally will be working on one side of this equation never both. Kitsune are not truly good or evil. Quite literally, as spirits, they embody the concept of the amoral, those who do not accept, or understand, the idea of Good or Evil, instead, paving the way of balance between the two. With the Kitsune, instead, the concept of right and wrong becomes the deciding factor. What they consider 'right', or 'wrong', though, depends on the culture, the region the Kitsune's in, what type of Kitsune they are.


  • Thirteen elements to pick from (Wind, Earth, Fire, River, Heaven, Thunder, Mountain, Void, Spirit, Time, Forest, Ocean, Music).
  • Energy vampire
  • Foxfire (Spirit fire)
  • Supernatural Hunting Senses (all senses heightened plus sense of spirits and flow of energy.)
  • Charm (Kitsune Seduction).
  • Master Illusionists.
  • Limited Form Shifting
  • Unable to die from old age
  • Ability to gain tails to increase power and one day ascend


  • True name
  • Eternal Promise (must keep or suffer deterioration in power and rank )
  • Heavy Emotions (emotions can cause them harm, or distract them. The Sin of Regret can even kill a Kitsune outright.
  • Starball (ball like object that holds the Kitsune soul. Allows energy feeding. Precious possession. Deadly if lost or even destroyed. Possible Submission/capture.)
  • Ascended Kitsune gain own pocket realm. Soul moved there, personal starball becomes a link, still inconvenient to lose.
  • Must be careful what and whom absorb energy from (overfeeding/inexperience/not adjusted can be deadly)
  • Rare, not necessarily cooperative, not a collective race, rarely work with other kitsune unless they are like minded and have common cause.
  • Reproduction is rare, most mortal races go insane or die. Unlikely to be genetically compatible since they are spirit based creatures.


This document was written by Otharious Resident, mentor at the Shades of Immortality sim. Contact her or see here for more information!