Staff Activity Expectations

While we give free reign to the leaders of businesses, guilds, and factions, we do have a minimum sim activity requirement for these positions.

  • For guilds leaders and business owners, we expect you to commit to 5 hours of on-sim time per week in the play area.
  • For faction leaders, the expectation is similar except it is 10 hours per week.
  • For mentors and admins, they are expected to spend 10 and 20 hours per week on the sim respectively. Unlike the IC roles, time spent in the OOC hub counts.

There is also a minimum expectation of one event submission made every two month for guild leads, faction leads, and settlement leads. While missing one or two submissions is not a big deal, repeated neglect of OOC leadership duties will result in a replacement being found. Event submissions are to be made here.

Exceptions can of course be made in cases like sickness and such, but mutual communication is key.