Standard Combat Rules

We try to encourage free-form combat. Whether you allow the combat to go as the RP carries it, or you agree beforehand who will win in a private conversation (do make sure to save this conversation in case of conflict.)

That said, if you wish to use the Shades of Immortality Dice in combat, here are the standard dice combat rules.

These rules are just the standard suggestion if you do not want to do free-form combat. Feel free to modify them with your partner to suit your needs.

Entering combat

At the start of combat, everyone makes a roll using the INIT. ROLL option to determine the posting order. The highest roll goes first, and then the other combatants go in descending order. In case of a tie, the tied people reroll their initiative and the new results are used. Every combatant starts with three hit points unless unless they have bought more HP using the PP system.

Making your post

You have several options when it comes to actions available to you, but generally you make a post and then make an (opposed) roll to determine the effect. If you make a roll outside of your turn, that roll is forfeit without exception.


The most basic of actions. You post your attack and make an opposed roll against your opponent. To make an opposed roll, click the roll button, choose the ROLL VERSUS option and choose your opponent. If you roll a natural 20 it is always a hit, just like a natural 1 is always a miss.

At zero hit points, a combatant is out of the fight and can not be brought back. It does not mean they died, just that they are somehow incapable of continuing to fight. They get to make one post to remove themselves from the scene on their next turn and then they are removed from the fight.


Another basic action. To heal, you post how you're healing and who you are healing and then you make a roll by choosing the HEAL ROLL option. To heal others you have to roll a 8 or above. To heal yourself you have to roll 12 or above. If you fail, nothing happens, positive or negative. If you succeed, your target regains one hit point.

A combatant at zero hit points can not be brought back into the fight in this way and nobody can gain more than their maximum amount of hit points.

Defending another person

You can declare that you are defending another person, to do so you just post to that effect. There is no roll involved on your part.

Until your next turn, when the person you are defending is attacked, the attacker needs to do two attack rolls. If both attacks fail, no damage is dealt. If one of the two attacks succeeds, one damage is dealt to you, the defender. If both attack rolls succeed, your target gets one damage dealt to him or her as usual.

A combatant can only be defended by one person, and someone who is defending can not be defended.

Fleeing combat

Fleeing combat is the one exception to the trend of 'post first, then roll'. To flee, you first roll the dice, choosing the FLEE ROLL option. To succeed, you must roll a 5 plus 1 for every opponent with a maximum of 15. Like any other action this can only be done on your turn in the post order.

If you succeed, post your success and leave the combat. You are not required to leave the scene when you flee a group fight, but you may not affect the ongoing fight in any way. If you flee from a duel, you must leave the scene.

If you fail, you are stuck in the fight and can try again the next round.

Area attack

If you wish to make an area attack, you must announce your intention to do so. On the first round, you are channeling your attack, and no roll is made. While channeling an area effect, you can not be defended, and healing you requires a roll of 12.

While your attack is being channeled, you do not count as an opponent for flee rolls. If you are alone, your opponents may flee without making a roll.

On the second roll, select up to half (round up) your opponents, and make a normal attack against them.

Only one area attack can be made per combatant per fight.

Ending combat

The fight ends when one person or one side remains.

Event bosses

Event bosses have a few standard advantages:

  • They get 5 HP per 4 people in the fight.
  • They get to post once every three posts, without following the normal posting order.
  • They do not make an initiative roll. The boss always goes first.