General Rules

We try to keep the rules of the sim light and easy to understand, preferring to instead rely on the player's common sense and common courtesy. Most of these rules can be broken if everyone involved consents to it (do make sure to keep a chat log of this consent being given) with the exception of the character rules. Do note, however, that Linden Lab TOS supercedes these rules.

Breaking these rules, depending on severity, will result in a warning the first and second time followed by a 3 day suspension from the sim. If you break the rules again, after the 3 day suspension, you will be permanently banned.

General Rules

No malicious metagaming.

We understand that sometimes, you need to share some information OOC, or even coordinate a scene behind the scenes, and that's fine. But where it crosses the line is when you use information to guide your character's actions that your character would not have access to without consent.

No godmoding.

Godmoding is when you write your actions in such a way to not leave room for your RP partner to avoid anything you wrote, this is not okay unless there is consent.

Don't be a dick.

Play your characters in a way that you would like to RP with if the roles were reversed. This rule also includes OOC behavior, be it in IMs or in local OOC chat.

No admin shopping.

We are in constant communication, and trying to shop around for a better answer is not only tacky but will end in a warning or worse.

While sex is allowed, do it in private.

While we allow sex on the sim, we would like to ask you to keep it behind closed doors or in a secluded area. Other explicitly allowed areas are the slums, the forest and the Abyss. While you are allowed to have your ERP in nearby chat, we require you to change your HUD to ERP mode and use channels 2 and 3 to RP.

This is a consent-based sim.

You are allowed to fade to black when a scene is going too far for your limits. You are, however, not allowed to void any roleplay without admin approval. This does not mean you can just FTB a combat when you're losing, that's highly frowned upon and you will get warned if we notice this abuse.

Don't abuse your RP limits.

Everyone is allowed to have whatever they want as a limit, and that's completely allowed, though it's not okay to go around and hide behind these limits to avoid logical IC consequences. Concretely, what this means is that if you go around murdering people, you lose the right to have death as a limit when the consequences catch up with you.

Posts must be mostly in English, including no fantasy language translators. And concealed information must be in plain English as well.

All the information transmitted during a post, must be in the post, in full and in plain English for all to read. This includes whispering, telepathy, sign languages and other fantasy languages.

This means for example that you can speak drow, but you must mark the text as being spoken in drow, and actually write it in English. In addition this means that if you whisper something or use any other form of concealed communication, it must still be in the post in plain English, you are not allowed to leave it out and just IM it.

People are, however are not allowed to use this information unless they have IC reasons to be able to understand it. If they do so anyway, please contact an admin, because that is counted as metagaming.

Note: You can still mix in single words or simple phrases, as long as the intent is not to hide information.

Please respect the posting order.

While there is a time and a place for posting without order, like in a busy tavern with multiple conversations intertwining, usually this is not the case. We would like to ask that you limit yourself to one post per round of posting and that you do not append your post since the next person will already be typing his or her post at that point. See below for rules on posting in large groups and in events.

You must seek permission to affect the sim in any significant way.

If you want to cause a small fire, that's fine without permission, but if you want to destroy the inn, you need permission from the admins.

Please keep your script usage reasonable.

While this is not a hard rule, if scripts on the sim are experiencing delay, we may ask the heaviest users of scripts to tone it down a bit. We do not put limits on script memory or script count, instead we ask you to keep your script time below 200 milliseconds. You can check your script time usage by clicking the sim logo on the floor in the OOC hub.

The Shades of Immortality HUD is required to play.

We want everyone to have the same tools and dice.

No loitering when AFK in the RP areas.

If you need to go AFK for longer than 15 minutes please go to the OOC hub.

Character Rules

No cartoony characters.

This means no massively oversized eyes for the norm of your race. It also means no skin/fur/hair that is primarily neon-colored where that is not properly explained.

As an example of what is allowed, you may play a furry avatar with somewhat large eyes, as long as it's not massively over the top. You may of course also play a dragon with green scales, but when it becomes glowy neon-green it might be a problem. This is a very subjective rule, so when there's doubt, just ask. We will strive to be reasonable in this, keeping in mind the overall look of your character, and also what's available on the marketplace for what you are trying to play.

No child avatars.

Your avatar must appear adult, and they must also be mentally adult. Do note that NPCing children is allowed, but they can not be your main avatar, and you must follow the Linden Lab ageplay rules. This means keeping your NPC child away from any sexual activities or locations (The bath house and the Abyss are the two main locations.)

No hyper avatars.

We do not allow avatars with massively oversized body parts, like genitalia or breasts.

No Gods.

Your character may under no circumstances possess God-like powers. If your character truly needs to have these powers, you are not allowed to exercise them.

Furries and even kemono are welcome.

As long as the above rules are strictly followed, we allow furry and kemono avatars on this sim. Pay special attention to not have your kemono avatar appear child-like.

No modern clothing.

We allow anything up to the 19th century approximately, that means you may come dressed in lacy outfits and high-heels. However, there is a ban on latex, rubber and obvious zippers. In general, as long as you don't look too modern it's okay, this world has magic after all.

Most races are allowed.

We welcome almost every race, even those not listed in the races menu. If you do choose a listed race, please keep the established lore in mind, though the text remains advisory and not compulsory. If you choose an unlisted race, contact an admin, and we'll work together on getting a race page written. However, implausible hybrids are forbidden without explicit admin approval.

Miscellaneous rules

No travelling backward in time.

While magic can jump forward in time, slow time and even pause time for a short while, magic can never go back in time under any circumstances.

Permanent transmutation magic can only keep the value or reduce the value of the transmuted item, never increase it.

What this means is that a gold coin could for example be transmuted into a silver coin, but the other way around is not possible, at least not permanently. Transmutation magic that increases the value of the transmuted item lasts a few minutes at most.

Immortals that die stay dead for at least one full real-life week.

To prevent abuse, if your immortal character dies, he must remain dead for a real-life week.

Immortality can always be beaten.

Whether your soul is stuck in an artifact, or you may only die by the use of your true name, every immortal character must have one or more ways to truly die. It must also be plausible for other characters to gain this knowledge in some way, however hard it may be. Be prepared to divulge this information to an admin if it becomes an issue.

Immortality must be disclosed.

If your character is immortal, and you consent to character death, you must disclose to the other player that you will be returning. If you neglect to do this, you will have to remain dead.

Abilities that affect the senses of other characters need to be listed in your titler.

This includes glamors, invisibility, illusions, hallucinogens, and other such abilities.

Please put your intrinsic abilities in your titler and talk to people about them.

While you do not need permission to have, for example, a sense that can pierce invisibility and nobody can force your ability to fail to work, it is generally considered polite to communicate. You are not asking for consent, rather you are notifying them of your ability.

You may choose to not interact with any spell that is cast if it goes against your limits, but interacting means consenting to the full effect of the spell.

For example, if there is an anti-magic field, you may choose to not interact with it if it would kill you and you have death as a limit (even if your character wouldn't know it is there), but if you interact with it you automatically consent to the full effect of the spell. This of course does not mean that the spell automatically bypasses resistances and immunities. You are entitled to be told the full effect of the spell before you choose to interact with it, but only for the purposes of seeing if it would go against your limits.

Post order rules

While usually we use the normal post order rules as stated above, there are two exceptions.

Events and large gatherings.

In events and large gatherings, you are allowed to post once every four posts. This keeps the event flowing at a nice pace without overwhelming anyone. When the event leader needs to make a post and needs silence, he or she will ask for it in OOC chat.

Event combat

During big combat events we ask that you pre-type your post to be ready to post when it's your turn. After the first round, everyone has a five minute time limit to make their post (except for the boss), and they will be skipped if they don't post in time. This is to avoid boss fights taking five hours.

Where can your character go?

In general, everyone is allowed everywhere, with three exceptions:

  1. The part behind the huge doors in the Abyss is reserved for members of the Abyssals faction.
  2. The second floor of the faction building in Eutea is reserved for members of the Alliance of the Renounced.
  3. The hidden section beneath the mausoleum in the Material Plane is reserved for members of the Order of the Silver Thread.

Of course, you may enter these places when accompanied by a member, and you may walk in unannounced as well, but the latter is only allowed when there is someone present to defend the faction base. It is strictly not allowed to break into a faction base without a faction member present.

Faction bases are assumed to be busy bustling places, so it is assumed that there are always NPCs present to match the number of non-faction members invading. These NPCs can be controlled by the faction members when it is needed. Except for a low amount of magic, these NPCs do not possess any special powers.

The same rules as above apply to the rentable houses, except in this case, there are no NPCs.

The Abyss and Eutea are both warded:

  • For the Abyss, it is permeated by unholy magic. And while the seal around the portal is inactive by default, in emergencies it can be activated. When it is active, it will burn those not exuding an unholy aura from the inside as well as block them from exiting the circle. This gives them no choice but to return from whence they came, or face the same fate as the angel corpses now powering the ward.
  • Eutea has two entrances. Any attempt to teleport into the dimension will lead into one of these two places, with the exception of Alliance faction members, who have been given a crystal attuned to them that will allow them to bypass the ward. All portals that originate from the Abyss, or from those aligned to the Abyssals, will end up in the red portal shrine (which leads back to the Abyss), and all other portals will lead to the blue portal shrine (which leads to the entrance in the forest in the material plane). Both portal shrines can be locked and warded, but they are not by default. There is however a guard watching the portals at all times, dispelling any malevolent enchantments.