Rental Rules

We have three types of rentals on-sim:

  • Rentals that cost money, the boxes for these are next to the houses for rent. You can click the "INFO" button in-world when you click on these to get the rules notecard. These cost either 21 L$ per week for 25 prims, 49 L$ per week for 50 prims, or 98 L$ per week for 100 prims. If you want a particular one that's taken, contact Hana (villadelfia) to reserve it when it frees up.
  • Free 'roaming' rentals. You pay 1 L$ into these every week (maximum of 1 week) which gets refunded automatically. These allow you to rez up to 10 prims for when your scene needs it. Contact Hana (villadelfia) to get one of these assigned to you. The amount of these available fluctuates depending on the prims available to the sim, and these wil be revoked if you litter.
  • Free 'business' rentals. In the city, there are six stalls available for players to run a business in. Again, these cost 1 L$ per week with a maximum of 4 weeks, and this gets refunded automatically. Provided you actually run a business, you get 50 prims for free. Again, contact Hana (villadelfia) to request or reserve one of these.

To see a list of available paid rentals, please click on 'Rentals' in the menu above.

Paid Rental Rules

We keep the rules on rentals simple here in Shades of Immortality:

  • Houses are only meant for roleplayers on the sim. If you are found to be renting without maintaining a character on SoI, you will be evicted without a refund.
  • Do not rent a house where your character has no right to be.
  • If you are absent from the sim for more than two weeks, without notifying an admin, you will be evicted and refunded for any remaining time.
  • Items must stay strictly inside the house with the exception of one sign on the outside wall.
  • Furniture must fit the aesthetic of the surrounding area.
  • If you go over the prim limit, you will be given 24 hours to remedy the situation. After which, we will return random items until you are under the limit.
  • Please do not rez anything with persistent sound or movement scripts.
  • Do not use temp rezzers.

Repeated breaking of these rules will result in eviction without refund. If yo're evicted twice you're no longer eligible for renting at Shades of Immortality.

Refunds and transfers

  • Refunds can and will be given for the remaining time when requested.
  • You can request a pro-rated transfer to another rental.