Sim admins and who to contact

While every admin can direct all questions to the right place, it is best to first try contacting the correct admin for your concern:

  • Hana (villadelfia): Rules questions, HUD questions, rental questions, bug reports and Alliance-related questions. She's also the sim owner, so complaints about other admins are to be directed to her.
  • Mom (Saitsubaki): Player complaints and general public relations, and rental questions.
  • Noroii: Contact point for mentors and new players.
  • Hiffi Asp (Hiffaro Asp): Rules questions, PP questions, and Abyssals-related questions.
  • Alexis Caedmont (lexinethedemoncat): Marketplace advice, rules questions.

If the question isn't related to any of these things, feel free to ring the bell in the OOC hub to get a mentor instead.