The Abyssals

The Abyssals is led by Keiruh (haismaster), contact her for more information and to join!

While at first the Abyssals would appear to be evil, they can best be described as True Neutral. They don't do any of the things they do out of malice, rather they wish for a place for demons to live, and the Material plane just happens to be a good place! It's with the same reasoning that the black market is allowed to exist, it's just good business.

History and Lore

Those who gather under the crimson flag of the seven deadly sins, are likely to find their place in the Abyssal faction. There, members are welcome to claw their way to the top, or dig in and defend their territory with vim and vigor before someone bigger, stronger, or cleverer, routes them out.

The current leader, Hiffi, has managed to hold the title of demonic overlord for some time now. And her grip shows no signs of weakening. In fact, there's an old rumor that she captured two angels who dared to invade her realm. They now adorn the faction's audience chambers as living statues, chained to either side of her throne; awake and aware of every passing moment. But, she is a benevolent lord, and treats her faithful members well. She merely seeks a place for the demons and to expand her realm, and her means for doing so are only as extreme as they need to be.

So, come, try your luck. See how far up the chain you can climb, or how much profit you can make in your own niche of the black market.