Alliance of the Renounced

The Alliance of the Renounced is led by Fianna Banshee (fiannabanshee), contact her for more information and to join!

The Alliance of the Renounced is a generally Chaotic Good faction, much like a band of misfits in a fairy tale. Its members go on adventures and try to do the most good they can; however they can. Sometimes their methods seem a bit... esoteric. They are the people that will do the wrong thing for the right reason when it is needed. They are the people that will strive for justice when injustice prevails. They are the people that work together, or alone, wherever their paths take them. Members range from human, to demons, to angels, and even an odd dragon or two... They accept anyone, no matter their race or their past.

They are all about self-improvement and being the best one can be. They understand that sometimes their members slip up and fall back into old habits, and they will strive to help to make these occurrences less and less common over time.

History and Lore

The Alliance of the Renounced was founded by Shade Elrim more than four decades ago after her son was nearly executed. This she used as a catalyst to attempt to stop the endless and useless war between angels and demons. She proved that demons can dream too, and in the end, she succeeded... For the most part.

Unfortunately, this caused a schism in angelic society, leading to the creation of the Redemption of the Misled ten years after the creation of the Alliance of the Renounced, called that way because those left behind did not believe Shade's good intent. They believed she has misled them, and subsequently banished all those that chose the Alliance's side, thereby renouncing them.

Nowadays, the Alliance is a vast collection of creatures of every race and species, all living in relative harmony in Eutea, given a place to live where others would not grant them that comfort. They stand strong in the fight against injustice, and perhaps over time they might find a way to reunite with the Redemption, though this is seeming less and less likely the more fanatic the Redemption gets.