Redemption of the Misled

The position of faction leader is at the moment held by the admin in charge of the faction, but we're looking for a player to take it. Click here for more information.

The Redemption of the Misled is a generally Lawful Evil faction, they used to house in the city of Veldrea, but after a faithful incident they were forced to flee to the Denari desert.

History and Lore

The Redemption of the Misled is a truly ancient faction, but it only got its name some thirty years ago, ten years after a fateful event... Where they used to be a group of purely angels, that is the year (as their version of history will tell you) that they were invaded by a smooth-talking demon, tempting many of their members away. They resisted for a long time, but eventually, they had to cut their losses, igniting their original hatred for demons many times over. Over time, they have calmed down a bit, they have begun to slowly go from hating demons to merely an intense dislike. They still wouldn't accept one in their ranks, not after what happened thirty years ago... But they have begun to bolster their ranks with other races than angels, for their numbers are few, and they need forces. But it was all about to get many times worse...

It all began, as it does sometimes, on rare, fleeting occasions, with a whisper. A soft, subtle calling of a name. "Anarion" It flooded into the ears of the Archangel, tickling the very fibers of his being. He could have chosen not to listen to the thing, calling his name, but he was downtrodden, his people were loosing hope, loosing focus, and so, he listened.

It was in that moment, images across space and time began flooding his mind, words, visions, temptations, promises, truths, and half truths. Perhaps even, a few lies. The being identified itself as the god Khaen, and promised Anarion that if he followed him, obeyed his laws and tenants, that he could negotiate for him and his followers, passage back to the upper plane of their creator, they would be home. All they simply had to do, was obey. Faith, was no stranger to the angel, and the feeling was so, so very promising. Could they truly go home again? He couldn't pass up the chance.

With a subtle agreement between them, Anarion became known to the will of Khaen, and thus began transcribing that will to paper, so that it may be shared freely among those who wished to also take that chance. Not only angels, but even mortal beings could be gifted with the chance at paradise when they died. No sickness, no pain, no heartache. All would be perfect in the upper plane, all would be at peace.

One by one the tenants were pinned down, written so that they could be shared. Demons, and demon kind were to be the focus of Khaen's ire. For not because of their corruption, but because of their unpredictable natures. Corruption was simply something that could be used to track how much demonic energy had infested an individual. If they were more demon, than anything else, than they were a problem. Purity, for angels was to be sought, and the good deeds that came with that. For only the pure could return home. However good works and deeds were to be practiced by all of the followers of Khaen, not just his immortal ones. Helping those in need, and the poor would be added to their core principals. No longer was holy blood lust to be considered a curse either, it was a gift from Khaen, to purge the demonkind. A gift of his will made manifest upon the world, his wrath to be taken out upon the corruption that infested it.

These of course were not all that was penned by the Archangel, but merely the main focal points. He would begin to gather followers, mostly out of what was at the time, known as the Redeemed of the Misled, whipping them into a religious fanatical frenzy known as the Redeemed Crusade. The Crusade, choosing the Jeweled Spring in the Denari desert as its new home base, both out of its solitude, and its purity, allowing them to practice their faith away from the eyes of others. From here, their power rises, as they prepare to march back to the lands of Veldrea and beyond to continue their holy quest of blood and redemption.