Fighter's Guild

Aside from the faction and settlement groups, Shades of Immortality also holds four guilds of sorts. These function as the groups for businesses. To join these groups, contact an admin or a leader of the group. As always, this list may expand, and if you want to create a new guild, contact an admin!

While a character can be in only one faction at a time, they can join as many or as few guilds and groups as they want.

Located below Veldrea, connected to the Castle, you will find the Fighters Guild and the Arena. Here, great warriors of melee prowess are trained; their skills honed to perfection under the watchful eye of the Arena Master. You can use your HUD to travel to the arena.

The Fighters Guild is a neutral training school where we focus on physical fighting styles and weapons. All races, factions and alignments are welcomed.

The Fighters Guild puts on monthly Roll Call events where fighters are promoted, demoted and given ranks within the guild. There is a weekly fighter practice where players can spar against others to practice combat and styles, and once a month there is a tournament that will showcase the best fighters in the lands. Spectators are encouraged to attend events to cheer on their favorites. IC advancement in ranks does depend on the attendance of events in guild. Events will be scheduled for both EU and US players so that everyone has a chance to attend.

While free-form combat is highly encouraged on sim, Fighters Guild fighter practice, tournaments and boss battles will be based off of dice combat for ease of time and rules. Does this mean you can only use dice? Absolutely not. You can use whatever you like outside of these events. Just remember to honor other people's wishes. Not everyone likes free-form and not everyone likes dice.

You can brush up on your Combat Rules here.

To join the fight or if you have any questions, contact Sinryl.

Ranks and Expectations

All ranks in the Fighters Guild are earned through RP and activity on sim. Tasks can be completed to earn promotions during Roll Call.


These are the fighters that are brand new to the guild. This does not mean they do not know how to fight, it simply means they are new to us. Recruits are not sent out on hard missions until they have proven themselves.


This is a fighter that has been awarded a promotion during Roll Call. They can mentor the recruits and take on harder tasks within the guild.

To advance from Recruit:

  • Attend 2 guild events of your choice
  • Approach the Arena Master with your intention


This is a fighter that is very able to hold their own. They might take on solo tasks at this point, or even find jobs working for the upper class. They may mentor Novices and Recruits.

To advance from Novice:

  • Attend 2 more guild events of your choice
  • Approach the Arena Master with your intention


This is a fighter that has mastered his chosen weapon and fighting style. They are a veritable force to be reckoned with and may mentor Fighters, Novices and Recruits within the guild. The Arena Master will go to these individuals with the hardest and most dangerous tasks that need accomplished. These are the fighters that will be chosen from for a Second in Command.

To advance from Fighter:

  • Attend 2 more guild events of your choice
  • Approach the Arena Master with your intention

Second in Command

These are the right and left hands of the Arena Master. They are in charge when the Arena Master is not able to be. One SIC will be EU timezones and the other will be US timezones to make sure the guild always has someone watching over it. These people have the authority to punish any guild members breaking rules. They can mentor anyone in the guild and can send fighters on tasks.

To advance from Master:

  • Attend 2 more guild events of your choice
  • Successfully plan and execute a guild event
  • Approach the Arena Master with your intention

Arena Master

This is the chosen leader of the Fighters Guild. They are responsible for rule up-keep, mentoring, teaching, planning events and practices and all other duties required by a leader. They can only be chosen by the sim admins but may choose their own second in commands.

To advance from Second in Command:

  • Chosen by sim admins at time of leadership change


This title is a special title that only one person can have at a time. The winner of a tournament will be granted the title for one month until the next tournament. It will then pass to the next winner. This is a fighter that has garnered the attention of the Arena Master, their guildmates and all of the land.