Mage's Guild

Aside from the faction and settlement groups, Shades of Immortality also holds four guilds of sorts. These function as the groups for businesses. To join these groups, contact an admin or a leader of the group. As always, this list may expand, and if you want to create a new guild, contact an admin!

While a character can be in only one faction at a time, they can join as many or as few guilds and groups as they want.

The Mage's Guild is a collection of mages, sorcerers, warlocks, and all other spell-flinging, potion-brewing folk that work hard to ensure that your daily life remains confusing, strange, and full of mystery... and sometimes goo.

Always blame the alchemist.

The Guildmaster is always on the lookout for new talent to fill its hall, and fill its coffers. Whether you're new to magic, and are willing to work hard to learn from your only sometimes lecherous professors, or you are yourself an independent and already quite capable, but looking for a place that has all your necessary reagents... you've found the right spot.

Not all people who join the guild need to be a spell-slinger, however. There is plenty of work to be done for anybody down on their luck and willing to work for a pretty penny, or an adventurous sop er... hero, eager to take care of some... accidents.

If you are interested in the world of magic, or perhaps just a place to work with only a minor chance at being arbitrarily polymorphed, then the Mage's Guild is right for you. It is currently run by Tano Tyrfred, an aloof but strangely friendly, and excessively fluffy man. Should you wish to join, you can contact Puertero (Estan.Gothly) and meet ICly!