Thieves' Guild

Aside from the faction and settlement groups, Shades of Immortality also holds four guilds of sorts. These function as the groups for businesses. To join these groups, contact an admin or a leader of the group. As always, this list may expand, and if you want to create a new guild, contact an admin!

While a character can be in only one faction at a time, they can join as many or as few guilds and groups as they want.


The Magpies are a secretive but very close-knit guild of thieves. They are said to be closer to a family than a gang, treating each and every member as one of their own with a fierce and undying sense of brotherhood... Under the condition that they are shown loyalty, honesty and the utmost discretion in their shadowy dealings in return.

Rumor has it that as an initiation rite, each new recruit is given the task of going into the forest to obtain a magpie egg to hatch, raise and bond with.

For what reason? Only those within the Magpies seem to know.


  • Characters of any race, religion, gender and personality type may join the Magpies.

  • If you're interested in joining the Magpies, all you have to do is ICly identify an already existing member and then roleplay out your method of approach. You may of course make OOC contact to discuss details (if you're stuck on ideas) and work out between you how your character might figure it out.

  • The Magpies steal exclusively from the rich. This includes those with residences, businesses and/or other sources of frequent income, traders en route to sell goods and the like. They NEVER, under any circumstances steal from beggars, the elderly or children/animals

  • They help those in need when they are needed or if they are aware of being able to help in any way, and generally aren't all that bad for a bunch of purloiners. (You can, of course, choose to play your character differently. This is just the current general consensus.)

Ground Rules

  • Please remember to ask for consent if you're planning to pickpocket or rob a person or their residence, and decide between you whether dice or other fair methods will be used. That said, please do keep it fair!

  • Each member is expected to actively participate in pickpocketing/robbing/breaking & entering on sim. There are no freeloaders within the Magpies' guild.

  • No matter how nice or sweet your character may be, please remember that you will be playing an antagonist, and as such will be dealing with consequences from time to time. Those who refuse to deal with IC punishments will be given a warning, and those who continually ignore it will be ejected from the group and stripped of their ranks.

To join the guild or if you have any questions, contact LuminaLux.


Leader: 'Talon.'

The one who holds this title is 'king' of the Magpies, all decisions are made final by his word only.

Second in command/Officer: 'Crescent Wing.'

Crescent Wings are part of 'The Dark Tiding' and deliberate with the Magpie Talon on a good course of action and assignments. Their duty is to plan hunts and which equipment will be needed, offer advice and plan out methods in which buildings and prey can be covertly robbed.

Members #1: 'Nest Guardian'

Nest Guardians are a slight cut above your run of the mill Magpie, responsible for security, supplying/spreading false information to ensure the safety of the nest's location, and gathering intel. They are also seen as senior Magpies, often asked to train new recruits.

Members #2: 'Interceptor'

Magpie Interceptors are seen as squad leaders, senior members who ensure The Dark Tiding's orders come to fruition. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of their underlings on the field, and the success of whichever heists they are leading.

Members #3: 'Magpie'

Magpies make up the bulk of the nest as far as recruits go. To be a Magpie is to be a fully fledged member of the group, no longer required to prove themselves in any way. Magpies are free to 'acquire' wealth of their own volition, but will sometimes be tasked with heists. Up to 4 Magpies, including a senior rank of some kind will join them in the event of these sporadic occurrences.

Members #4: 'Fledgling'

Fledglings are those who are accepted into the guild, but have yet to prove themselves worthy of a 'Magpie' rank. These members tend to be watched carefully by the other ranks, as spies and subterfuge are threats they expect to deal with.