The HUD & Titler

The Shades of Immortality roleplay system is heavily centered around two essential parts: The HUD, and the accompanying RP titler. On this page I will explain the HUD in a usage-centered manner.

How do I get started as quick as possible?

You don't want to read all this and just want to RP? Great, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the big middle button with the sim logo on it to reveal the titler configuration buttons.
  2. Click on name and enter your character's name.
  3. That's all, just type in /2 or in /4 and you're ready to go and roleplay!

Alright, but I see others with more text above their head, how does that work?

If you click the middle button of the HUD, you will be greeted with three buttons and a question mark. These three buttons configure the RP titler.

  • Name: Clicking this will allow you to set the name that appears above your head.
  • Nickname: Clicking this button will give you a dialog that allows you to set a nickname. This is the name that appears when you roleplay by typing in /2 or /4. If you don't set one, or you pick "NONE" as a nickname, your name will be used instead.
  • Title: This button allows you to set the informative text above your head that describes things about your character that can be sensed by observers.

What if I don't want to start a post with my name, or if I need to describe a scene?

In this case you can type into /3 instead, this will make it so that people just see the text you wrote, without a name in front of it.

And if I want to say something out of character?

For that, you either type into /5, or you don't use the titler at all, and just say something enclosed in "((" and "))".

What is all that text above the HUD? And what's that line of text above my name mean?

The text above the hud is made up of three parts. The first part is your faction, that's that text enclosed in "<" and ">". You can not change this on your own. Instead you must join or leave a faction to have it changed. This line of text is also repeated in the floating text above your head.

Below that, the first line is today's date in the world of Shades of Immortality. For a full explanation of how our calendar works, consult the lore page here. Of note is that time is displayed in military format, the time system on Shades of Immortality does not use AM or PM.

Lastly, there are several lines of text explaining today's weather below the date and time.

What if I need to go AFK, or if I'm just looking around for a while?

To the left of your HUD, you will find a block of several buttons, two of these are labeled AFK and IC/OOC.

  • The AFK button will mark you as being AFK. Press it again to get out of AFK mode. Note that it is generally frowned upon to be AFK on sim level for prolonged periods of time unless you are in a private room.
  • The IC/OOC will, likewise, mark you as OOC and then IC if you press it again. Marking yourself as OOC means that you're not looking to RP at the moment and that you're just walking around.

Setting up a character is all very well, but how do I set up more than one character?

Well, there's some good news for you! You do not have to constantly change your name, nickname and title around with this HUD. Instead you will see a block of buttons to the right of the HUD that are numbered. Clicking one of these will load the corresponding character slot from the server. You can have up to 8 accessed from the buttons, but keep reading if you need more than that.

I'm wearing a big avatar, and my title is inside my head, can I fix this?

Yes you can, by clicking the up and down arrows on the left side of the HUD, you can raise and lower your title text. In addition, this position is saved on the server per character slot.

My buttons are gone, what happened? / All these buttons are cluttering up my screen, can't I hide them?

To the left and right of the big central button, there are two smaller buttons with arrows on them. Clicking these will show and hide the button panels on the left and right of the center button.

How do I make a roll? How do I target someone with a roll?

Making a roll is super easy, you just click on the button with a die on it on the left side of your hud and choose the type of roll you wish to make! It will show the result in your chat. Bonuses bought via PP or acquired otherwise are shown in this text too. In addition you will see a "verify roll" link or two links in the case of opposed rolls, clicking these will bring you to this website and prove that the roll was not faked or cheated in any way.

For more information on how these rolls are used on this sim, check out the combat rules here.

Bonuses? PP system? What's that?

Shades of Immortality has a system where your presence on sim and participation in RP is rewarded with points that you can turn in for in character and out of character rewards. For more information on this system, check out its page here. To check your PP balance and bonuses and that of people around you, press the little PP button above the big center button of the HUD. This will either allow you to open your page if you're alone, or give you a menu to choose which person's page you wish to see if you're around other people.

Is there an easier way to check which PP bonuses someone has?

Yes there is, just click the hovering text above their head and for a short time their bonuses will be displayed. This of course also works on yourself.

Is there an easier way to get around on sim than to use the spread out teleporters or walking?

Yup. Just click the button with a swirly portal on it to open a list of locations you can go to on the sim. Clicking one will immediately teleport you there.

I think I've gotten it all now, but are there things you haven't told me?

There's quite a few extra features and functions of the HUD, but those are only accessed by slash commands. If you click on the big central button you will see a small button with a question mark on it, clicking that will give you a notecard with a detailed list of all the functions of the HUD, including the advanced features not described here.