Time in Shades of Immortality

As in our world, Ethillon has hours, days, months and years, though they are divided somewhat differently.

Each day on Ethillon is 28 hours long, lasting as long as an hour on earth. A week consists of eight days, and each month holds exactly four weeks. In total, there are eight months in a year. This means that a year on-sim is shorter than a real life year, and time will drift, so even if you have an inflexible work schedule you can play at all times of day.

There are, like on earth, four seasons:

  • Avala (which corresponds to winter), consisting of the first and second months: Siole and Ragnis.
  • Vapore (which corresponds to spring), consisting of the third and fourth months: Vitalus and Typhis.
  • Tempris (which corresponds to summer), consisting of the fifth and sixth months: Orcus and Shaye.
  • Exos (which corresponds to fall), consisting of the seventh and eighth: Lanche and Firn.

And of course, the weekdays are named as well, in order: Wyrk, Nes, Tri, Knell, Gerth, Jiva, Sted, and Sahn.

Our story starts in the year 1366.

Currency in Shades of Immortality

After long years of diplomacy, currency in this world has been standardized outside of a few remote villages.

While every place mints their own coins, it's the value of the metal inside that determines the value. From lowest to highest value, coins are made out of copper, silver, gold, platinum and mythril, with each denomination being worth 10 of the previous denomination.

For really low and really high values there are copper bits, being worth one tenth of a copper piece, and mythril ingots being equal to 100 mythril coins.

To give you an idea of value, one copper coin is approximately worth one modern us dollar in buying power.

Pre-history (Lost to time)

As so many creation myths state, in the beginning there was nothing... Except in this case that wasn't entirely the truth. Before time, before space, there was Yaratu, the Primordial Watcher. For whatever reason, billions upon billions of years ago, he allowed the sands of time to flow and set the spark of creation aflame . Forming a vast multiverse of infinite universes as we know it.

Over time, planes formed. And, in those planes, land formed. Leading to where we are now, in one of infinite timelines, on a little planet called Ethillon.

Ethillon houses the Material Plane, which is neighbored by two relatively close by planes: The Abyss and Eutea.

14 million years of evolution then resulted in the first Immortals. Life was great! There were countless planes to adventure through, as well as all manner of landforms, plants, and adventures to be had. To claim. Not to mention, manipulate to each Immortal's personal preferences.

Of course, the Immortals weren't immune to change themselves. In fact, as if to reflect their environments, those who crafted more carnal planes or pure planes, or even chaotic planes (or chose to live in one) gradually evolved to 'better' survive in such. Because of this, the first Incubi and Succubi were, essentially, born. Not to mention Angels, and Imps, and a vast assortment of various other immortals.

Then, with the differences, came conflicts. One such 'first born' Incubi, whose name has been lost to time, got tired of having to deal with the squabbles of his enemies. So, he hatched a plan. He disguised himself as an angel, through painful transformation magic, and set himself up... as their God. The master manipulator eventually had them starting a war at his whim. All so he didn't have to, personally, deal with other immortals he felt beneath him. Not to mention, he enjoyed the manipulation game.

In fact, he enjoyed it so much that the incubus decided to combine it with another interest of his. Creation. The incubus seduced an angel and convinced her to join him in his own personal plane. It was there, that the first Niju was conceived. And his true nature was revealed.

Ashamed, and terrified of her fate, the angel escaped and told but one friend of her plight. Her and her fellow angel both agreed that no one could be told. But the unborn immortal couldn't be killed. If ever there was one law which all immortals, demon or celestial alike, would adhere to... It was that a pregnant woman was not to be attacked, lest the infant perish as well.

However, The Incubus eventually discovered the hiding place of his unborn child just as labor had begun. Impatient, and unwilling to let his identity be spoiled to the angels who continued to do his dirty work, he killed both angels before stealing the child straight from its mother's womb.

Only two people know of this history. Both are alive, but neither are willing to let its secrets go just yet.

History (First recorded events)

After the angels discovered the real possibility of a Niju, they launched a full blown 'demon-hunt' for any and all of mixed angel and demon blood. Followed by the first steps that'd lead to their current, genderless, forms.

It also lead to an increased resistance to the wiles of incubi and succubi, a boon if ever there was one. And, as such, increased efforts were made to purify themselves against corruption. To separate themselves even further from their demon enemies.

However, things didn't go as perfectly as they'd hoped. With the advent of purification rituals, there came a new affliction. Holy Bloodlust. Which, at the time, was merely seen as a boon. And, possibly, a hope that they were on the right path to rejoin their 'god' in the lost Higher Planes. As such, purification rituals were strongly encouraged. And those with Holy Bloodlust were regarded as grand warriors.

Current History (Latest events)

Only recently was it discovered how dangerous Holy Bloodlust could be. In fact, it was a demon who discovered the cure. Corruption. If an angel had enough corruption to balance out their purity, then they returned to a relatively sane individual. Of course, that was only possible thanks to the 'discovery' that not all demons were completely evil as they had once been. Thus, the Alliance was born. Angels found themselves beset on two sides. And Demons licked their wounds while eying the other two factions with Vengeful intentions.

Sundering of the veil

On the 20th of Vitalus 1366, the Abyssals set in motion a plan to restore the powers of their diplomat, Shades. They constructed a spirit lantern, a device that would siphon nearby souls and convert them to pure energy that would then be used to restore Shades' powers... At least, that was the plan. The issue was that they put it near a fault line between the material plane and the maelstrom, the graveyard, a place where the veil of death was thin, and it began siphoning souls from the afterlife as well as from the surrounding animals. This was a huge issue, for the maelstrom is guarded by the arbiters of creation itself: The Aeons.

Noticing this, both the Alliance of the Renounced and the Redemption of the Misled jumped into action. The former came up with a plan involving a golem to shut down the lantern safely as destroying it would irrevocably kill the person to cast the spell. The latter, unfortunately, came up with a more drastic plan, one where they placed a holy shield around the lantern, intending to cause it to run out of steam eventually while keeping the wildlife safe... Unfortunately, it only made matters worse, the magic in the shield interfered with and bonded with the demonic magic powering the lantern...

In a last ditch effort to save the material plane and retrieve their lantern, the Abyssals set out to break the shield, something they regrettably failed at, merely damaging the shield and making the lantern go berserk, sucking in souls faster and faster... In the end, they had no choice but to forge an alliance between the Alliance and the Abyssals. With Shade's partial angelic magic, and Hiffi's fel magic, they could perhaps break the shield while only severely wounding each other instead with the backlash rather than them both perishing, or at least that was the hope.

In the end though, they never got a chance to find out, just before their combined magic hit the shield, it vanished, and what was left behind was rather dreadful... It was an Aeon, one of the creatures that they had tried to prevent from showing up, and it was intent of punishing those it judged guilty, in this case all of the material plane. It was a hard-fought battle in the end, leaving a permanent scar within the earth itself, and it left several people grievously wounded, including the death of Tia'Onna, though she would later be revived by Sinryl the city guard.

As for the scar in the earth, a permanent opening to the void between dimensions... It's anyone's guess what might come from that.