Shades of Immortality is a world split into three main planes, with the material plane being the biggest. Of course, all of the places have at least one group connected to them. To join these groups, contact an admin or a leader of the group. While not all groups currently have players to lead them, you can always contact an admin if you need an NPC.

While a character can be in only one faction at a time, they can join as many or as few guilds and groups as they want.

The Material Plane

On the Material Plane, we have the planet of Ethillon, which holds in a distant island amidst a surrounding mountain range three settlements...


The city of Veldrea, home to the Redemption of the Misled, and tons of citizens besides. This is a place of law an order... On the surface.

Above-ground we have the well-protected city with its many businesses and its well-lit bustling streets. Tucked away in the corner is the Redemption base, it is the only magically warded place in Veldrea, barring anyone of demonic descent from entering, no matter their intentions.

Below ground, however, there are the slums, a place where the hard life of the poor can be seen as they try their hardest to survive in the dank and dimly lit sewers of Veldrea.

Be it as a part of the guard, as a part of the royal court, or just as a citizen there is room for all to join the group of Veldrea.

Contact the current leading regent Sinryl if you have any questions.


Away from the bustling streets of Veldrea and across the bridge of the keep, we can find Stillwell, an idyllic farming and mining town. But even here all is not as it seems, the mines have been deserted for nearly a decade now, and the Mayor of the calm village has not once shared why. Of course, this does not mean the village has no more income, no it still exports all of its farming goods and meats to Veldrea, making it a very wealthy town indeed!

Contact an admin if you have questions.


Below the dock of Veldrea, there is an underwater paradise. The town of Tsunea, ruled by a princess of the deep. Despite its close proximity to Veldrea, its aquatic denizens and their ways remain mostly a mystery to the citizens of Veldrea.

Contact the current princess Shadeavenomy if you have any questions.

The Wilds

Outside of the settlements, there is the lush forest rumored to be kept that way with the help of a group of secretive druids, or maybe it's just the magic of the weave permeating the Material Plane. Either way, the resemblance to the lush forest in Eutea is uncanny...

Even in these wild places, there is still one lone business, the small forest tavern right outside Veldrea. It is a strange tavern, it seems like there is no proprietor, yet it remains stocked. A faint magical aura permeates the building, remaining nearly undetectable, until someone tries to steal anything, when they will find themselves magically divulged of goods equalling the value of what they stole. Anyone is more than welcome to tend the bar, or even run the business for a while, but there never seems to be a true owner.

The Voiceless Hollow

Found within the mines of Stillwell, these uncaring and dark caves house the vilest of underworld creatures. Life underground is different from that above ground, and that can clearly be seen from the culture there. It houses the opium den inside the temple to the spider queen, a haven of hospitality in a land of hostility... Though what appears hospitable might not be.

The Fae Grove

From a portal deep within the wilds, one can reach the forest of the fae deeper within. Big and small, all can find their homes here. Enchanting and peaceful on the surface, this is definitely not a bad place to be.

Jeweled Spring

An oasis in the Denari desert far away from civilization in Veldrea. It is fed by the magical water-producing and life-giving obelisk atop the aquaduct, but still it is hot during the day and freezing at night. A dangerous place for those not prepared. One can find exotic goods and an exotic local culture in this jewel in the sands... After a month long boat trip from the Veldrea docks followed by a week on the back of a camel going through the desert's many dangers. It is thus that many of its exotic goods are treasured in Veldrea.


The surprisingly welcoming pocket dimension of a demoness, of course, it's not just any demoness that used to call this dimension hers. It is the same demoness that went on to found the Alliance of the Renounced, spurring the creation of the Redemption of the Misled as a side-effect.

Of course, it has long since ceased to be just her home. It is now a place where all those that wish no harm to it are welcomed with open arms to enjoy the lust forest in this pocket of hospitality. Those that wish to harm the dimension or its denizens might find themselves in trouble however, as while the dimension seems hospitable at first, it is still a demon's dimension, and it can become very hostile very quickly. Or, of course, they might just find themselves shunted to the lava-filled chaos of the far reaches of the dimension.

In Eutea a law of non-aggression is in place, and any who dare break this golden law will be quickly expelled. Of course, this does not mean no fighting occurs. Indeed, spars of the members of the Alliance are a sight to behold!

Eutea has two entrances. Any attempt to teleport into the dimension will lead into one of these two places, with the exception of Alliance faction members, who have been given a crystal attuned to them that will allow them to bypass the ward. All portals that originate from the Abyss, or from those aligned to the Abyssals, will end up in the red portal shrine (which leads back to the Abyss), and all other portals will lead to the blue portal shrine (which leads to the entrance in the forest in the material plane). Both portal shrines can be locked and warded, but they are not by default. There is however a guard watching the portals at all times, dispelling any malevolent enchantments.

The Abyss

The infinite chaos of the Abyss, too large to comprehend for mere mortals, we find ourselves in a relatively more orderly pocket in this land of fire and brimstone. Held by the Abyssals, this is decidedly not a nice place, yet its mysterious beauty can not be denied. While there is a constant danger to those who dare enter, they are not usually in any immediate danger. Instead it is a "welcoming" place to the shady and the corrupt that would fit in with its demonic denizens.

And yet, sometimes those that really would not find the place appealing find themselves drawn here, as some of the materials that can only be found here are what is needed as an ingredient for benevolent magic.

It is permeated by unholy magic. And while the plainly visible seal around the portal is inactive by default, in emergencies it can be activated. When it is active, it will burn those not exuding an unholy aura from the inside as well as block them from exiting the circle. This gives them no choice but to return from whence they came, or face the same fate as the angel corpses now powering the ward.