Presence and Participation Points

Presence and Participation Points are a resource unique to Shades of Immortality. You get them by being Present and by Participating in RP as the name implies.

How do I get PP?

There's nothing like notecards or turn-ins required for PP, it's all automatically awarded. The more active you are on sim, the more you will get, in fact you could get up to 2300 PP per week... Though that would require no sleep so I wouldn't advise it. Some of the things that earn you PP:

  • Actively RP on sim.
  • Be in a faction while RPing.
  • Be present and not AFK.
  • Be active in events.
  • You also get 500 PP to start with, so that you can get one combat bonus of choice.

What can I get for PP?

When you go to the OOC hub, you will find a kiosk there that you can click to spend your hard-earned PP. These are the things you can buy:

  • +1-+3 bonus on versus rolls that you initiate for 500, 2500 and 5000 PP.
  • +1-+3 on versus rolls that you are the target of for 500, 2500 and 5000 PP.
  • +1-+3 on the heal action for 500, 1000 and 2000 PP.
  • +1-+3 on the flee action for 500, 1000 and 2000 PP.
  • +1-+3 on initiative rolls for 500, 1000 and 2000 PP.
  • +1-+3 on non-combat rolls for 1000, 2000 and 4000 PP.
  • An upgrade to 4 HP for 7500 PP, and to 5 HP for 15000 PP.
  • A Coin of Fate, allowing a single reroll of a roll you made, which will be broadcast to people around you. This can be bought for 3000 PP.
  • A voucher that you can turn in for rental time on sim. This can be bought for 500 PP.
  • Titles of Prestige to show off your time spent with the community. Everyone starts at Mortal, and further ranks are in order: "Awakened" for 2000 PP, "Ascended" for 4000 PP, "Immortal" for 8000 PP, "Aeon" for 12000 PP, and "Primordial" for 18000 PP. The price of the Primordial title slowly drops over time down to 5000 PP, and is reset to 18000 PP when it is bought.

To see which bonuses you, or anyone else, bought, click the hover text above their head. It will then briefly show the bonuses in red.

Is there a limit to how many PP I can have?

In theory the maximum you can have is 20000 PP. In practice however this will be lower because of the daily decay.

Huh? Daily decay?

Yes, every day at around 11 PM SLT you will lose a portion of your PP. The amount you lose will grow gradually the more PP you have. A casual roleplayer will be able to sustain around 5000 PP, which is more than the most expensive PP item (except for the highest group titles.)

You will never go below 1000 PP by decay. The first 1000 is "tax-free" so to say.

The exact formula for decay is calculated much like tax bracket are, and if you want the formula, contact Hana.


If you have any questions at all on the PP system please contact Hiffaro Asp. He is the admin responsible for the system.